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Underground Review: Hate Crowned- Humanity Will Echo Out

If the band is formed from the musicians of Dark Funeral, The Crown, Cypher System, Nightrage, than, with no doubt you know what can you expect.

Night Crowned was formed in 2016, in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was released on November 28th their first release, EP “Humanity Will Echo Out”. EP contains three songs: “No Room For Hope”, “The Nocturnal Pulse” and “All Life Ends”. Sixteen minutes are more than enough to predict the bright future for the band, if the word bright fits in the same sentence with black metal.

What do we have here? Melodic black metal of 90′s with a fine touch of death metal.

Album opener, “No Room For Hope”, brings fast tempo, killer drumming, typical black metal vocals, melodic guitars. Next one, “The Nocturnal Pulse”, is the song in which black and death metal flirts. It brings memorable guitar riff, transcending experience! Epic song that you need to spin one more time. As written in the lyrics: “Yet, you still crave for more, and more…” Simply, beyond the limits of common sense!

Everything has an end, so as this EP. “All Life Ends” brings crazy atmosphere and absolute truth: “All life ends, how and when, you will never know”. All life ends, only death is real. All life ends, life gives and life takes.”

Overall: production is extremely good, drum section is killer one, vocals typical for old school black metal, atmosphere follows the concept. Need no more!

Gaahl, former Gorgoroth frontman once said: “Black metal was never meant to reach an audience, it was purely for our own satisfaction.”

In the year of 2018, I might say, the black metal, at least Night Crowned, reaches the audience and gives them extreme satisfaction.

If behind the band stands over than 20 years of experience you cannot expect anything more but a great EP. Looking forward to hear album.

Reviewed by: Ivona Bogner

Label: Black Lion Records

Here is the full EP:

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