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Underground Review: TCOMAS – Full Spectrum


British avangarde/poetic progressive metal/rock duo TCOMAS has released their debut that is a true iconic aural peace of art on February 26th – which contains many stories, presented in the art form of various sounds – like the finest painting with many colors, but in this case rich in sounds, arrangements and production – creating this one of a kind form of art. The debut has many perfect messages behind it, adapted in a great manner to the sounds -like every awesome artistic creation should have.

The messages are presented in great way for listeners – the transcendence of the messages are clear and divine as it should be. It is also a multi-layer debut both in sounds and stories – with  compelling poetry that present’s the true essence of life – the good sides and the band ones, timelines like: past, present and future. And the strong emotions to it – creating this multi divine atmosphere of stories and experiences, also a musical universe that is diverse in every way.

Before I began the more detailed explanation of this record, I must say it had me personally intrigued in every way -with the whole complexity of it – the stories and the adapted sounds to it, influences of many genres through- out the whole record and of course Daphne as the fuel of the record, as well the perfect narrative force that gave this record it’s full potential, since she is the soul of this unique/divine record.  I felt variety of emotions, there were some good and bad ones – like in life there will be always the good and the bad ones – that made me enjoy this record in my own way – with my own thoughts, thinking about the real problems of the realistic messages – on the record and of course the good side of it. Which made good impression on me, since I like to enjoy the whole spectrum of cleverly arranged sounds, riffs and influences – with some amazing stories. It made me fall for this record hard and I love every second of it, also the other listeners and fans of the band will love it too, as much as I did.

The whole story of the ”Full Spectrum”, contains many stories that present the dark consciousness of the human mind, some historical stories, philosophical ones and above all warning messages that are about our sad reality, as well the whole world crisis that is upon us – wrapped in some progressive rock/metal and in some songs electronic divinity like the “Mata Hari”, “Full Spectrum”,”S01 E01”, “Atoms”, ”Psychopath’s Monologue” like for example in this songs there are this divine electronic influences/elements.  The best way to explain this record is that it is progressive mental overload –  a clear path to awaken mind, filled with the whole variety of sounds – that creates  this cosmical advanced progressive music and high form of art in aural style.

Daphne and Andrea are those kind of people that look for something special in this life – that they can transform into art, no matter if is good or bad, beautiful, calm, destructive/chaotic or apocalyptical. They started this project in 2019, that turns out to be a band – since they were inspired by catastrophically events around the globe. The duo used the art imitates life philosophy to create this one of kind art – that symbolizes the true meaning of the events that are happening right now.  And they did in such cleaver way, also this is done in a fantastic way or beyond fantastic – creating this warning atmosphere filled with dark elements, but with the good ones as well – presenting the magnificent form of art that puts the modern day poetry to a whole new level, but music as well – like it suppose to be,  for the music to be something that awakens and heal, builds human spirit. The duo sure presented the true meaning of music with this debut – showing what music was always about.

The most intriguing song of the debut is ”Tcomas S01 E01”  this song was also meant to be a part of manga comic book series “The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara”. The song is talking about the Samara herself and that strange, but noble spiritual connection between Samara and the living world around it. And how she grown up after that, becoming a high spiritual being.  That moment of innocent, followed by piano at the beginning – with outstanding narrative voice of Daphne that brought out the best of the song and all of the emotions in the right, but also symbolic way. And after that comes that furious wicked moment of Samara’s growth , the music changes with the wicked electronic sounds and some vicious guitar shredding , that is very well adapted to the song. The whole passage thing brought out the main thing of the story, the innocent is gone – it is time to accept the new form of freedom and justice. This song left me thinking about it, the deeper meaning of it – also the listeners will be intrigued by it, for sure.

The song that is the most powerful one of the record is “The Descent” talking about the fury of Mother Nature, the anger in her voice presented and impersonated by Daphne. Clear and loud message that we need to stop destroying out planet before it’s too late, to awake our consciousness to leave a better place for next generations, to be a part of something good – as well to be be a change that we need to be – to leave a great legacy behind. This powerful message will for sure encourage some awareness and positive thoughts towards the living world around us and ourselves. This song presents as well,  the rage and power – of all living beings, how they suffer and of course – the things that are coming with it. And that is raw, uncompromising power/rage by something that is higher that us all and that is Nature and her laws. At the end of the song there are some devastating crushing riffs, that gave the tension to the song, the whole rage spectrum of Mother Nature, for sure it is done very well by the duo.

The most heaviest one, that contains some serious heavy rhythmal riffs is “Deus Ex Machina”, it is about the Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King an Athenian  Greek tragedy  by Sophocles, it present’s one of the greatest tragedies in classical literature – this song ideologically revisits this Greek tragedy. The whole guitar shredding, followed by the riffs goes along perfectly with the story in the song. And the story of the song is basically about the Oedipus, the king of Thebes who killed his father – ending up marrying his own mother. The story is adapted in such a smooth way with the technical structure of and as well with some Persian sounds – because of those melodies and sounds, it is exotic. That is why this is one outstanding song, with catchy rhythm – excellent storyline – that I liked so much and the listeners will have fun – experiencing it.

The greatest one and the most emotional one is the “At The Worlds End”. What can I say about this one? Well this one presents in a iconic and symbolic way, how would the world look like if we destroyed it completely. It is also a sad love story about two people that are saying goodbye to each other at the end of the world, but there is still hope – they will have their dreams, needs and everything archived in the new world, a better one. The main truth is that everything must die, so it can be reborn again into something new and fresh -with the new horizons, stories and hopes.

That is the point of the song, so that this must not happen – that will all learn that we are with each step, crime against ourselves and destruction very close to it. The point of the warning message is that the change must happen, that can change everything. Big things come and change by compassion and free will. Don’t let yourself live in the world that is gone, change that. There are some low ground riffs that are greatly presented and adapted to the message of the song, fused with Daphne’s magnificent narrative skills – creating this unique/special experience, remanding us all to build a wall of consciousness and to set ourselves free. This are the reasons with the all explanation why this song is the best one on the record and the highlight of the record, that will make listeners think about the future of us all.  This one lifted my mind into thinking about changes. It is for me the best song of the debut. I really enjoyed fully this one.

Daphne and Andrea sure are a dream team, combination of their awesome amazing skills has created this high form of art that imitates life. The whole spectrum of the record is truly the Full Spectrum of emotions, experiencing amazing divine music, art, divine spiritual philosophy, great messages. This two unordinary/special people created some serious record – that brought out the best of art and music together. And the listeners will recognize that, the hard work on it, the love and devotion for this debut. As a high form of art that has many aspects of life in it, musical influences, it is basically a diary in musical form – that explains the chronicles of the human race and the Samara is the one that is awaken, different from the world – that one change that can change everything, that can set a fire of hope and freedom. That is the point of the record, the duo presented all of this as the highest form of art – that delivers full journey through the chronicles of the human race.

This record shows the true side of the world wrapped in the music divinity – without adding rainbows to it. The reality is reality. And the most wonderful thing about it is that encourages rebellion and fight, for a better cause. It also supports some good human qualities and trades – even if is not so good at the moment and human race is not going on the right rode. That is why this debut is a astonishing one, it’s not only about the music – it is also about learning about yourself, your environment and your freedom. Most of the stories and messages encourages free will, to build a wall of consciousness in the right way – with a good cause, this is another unique thing that these two have done. I can write few more days about the complexity of this record and the true meaning of this high form of art that teaches the right values – that every human being should have, but I will leave it to the listeners to find out more about the whole spectrum of this record, it is a great ride – where no one will get lost. It’s a journey through something special, that you will never forget. I will never forget it for sure.

This record is something that can not be described by words, it is something that you must feel – like when you are in theatre, you feel the presence of the actors and their acting. In this case it is cosmic overload of artistic sonic sounds that can’t be described by words. It is a peace of art that has it’s own role, the best one there is. And it is learning us all to be a better person in a awful world. This is one of the most authentic record out there – with two one of a kind artists, that have this titanic authenticity within them, full of inspirations created the masterpiece worthy of listening and experiencing it. One of the best records out there, an artistic masterpiece of divine art and free will.

In the world that has less and less high art forms like this, it is so refreshing to hear such a masterful debut. Created by two amazing people- that put our their soul and mind to create it, form it to become something that has a immortal spirit to it. For those who like art or art in music form, especially the fusion of two, they will experience true art – for the full enjoyment of the body and soul.


1.The Great News

2. At The Worlds End

3. Full Spectrum

4. Tcomas S01 E01

5. Love in the Time of Pestilence

6. Message for the King

7. The Descent

8. Mata Hari

9. Deus Ex Machina

10. Psychopath’s Monologue

11. Atoms

Rating record: 10/10

Release date: February 26th 2021

Label: Self-released 



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