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Wizards of Gore- Tales of PartyPornoGoreGrind

Croatian pornogrind metal band released the album. This album is a very typical grindcore album with explicit porngore lyrics.

The thing about this album is about that it is brutal as fuck, it has some weird thing about it, some strange vibe to it, but with the sound it’s typical grindcore album. The blast beats, and horror themes make this album, insane and interesting for listening. Tenhical compliance is good, acoustic can be better, production is not good.

With this band and their album,you will have the image of the most brutal evil shit, that will, leave you in a moment of silence.

Wizards of Gore are very strange and interesting band, that has a spirit to their music, in real brutal grindcore power to it.


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Rating Album:8/10

sapronRating album: SAPRON

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