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Wolfs Hunger- Bezte Zivi Vracaju se Mrtvi


1.  Wolf’s Hunger-  Bež’te živi vraćaju se mrtvi
Wolf’s Hunger – U vatri sazdan
Wolf’s Hunger – Vostani Serbije
Wolf’s Hunger – Rusija
Wolf’s Hunger – Slava Gromu
Wolf’s Hunger – Lešinari će slaviti moje ime
Wolf’s Hunger – Egzekutor
Wolf’s Hunger – Rod


Serbian thrash black metal band Wolf’s Hunger realeased the album. This album is a very powerful album, with  very unigue  thrash black metal  sound.

On this album it can be heard, the crushing solos on the album, that perfectly presents, the power of thrash and black metal, also the combination of thrash and black metal is, very well harmonized, both of genres are ideally combined, and the sound is raw and brutal in thrash and black metal style. The smashing riffs, the chaotic atmosphere, makes this album interesting and powerful.

Tehnical compliance is almost brought to ideal, acoustic is solid, too loud, but still great and the production is awsome. This album is inspired by World War 1, Serbian Heritage and Slavic heritage. Behind all of this, the music itself follows this great stories, like they are one soul together, the music and the stories.

Wolf’s Hunger is one of those bands that has a music with attitude, that will for sure find a way, to get more listeners. This band is a awesome thrash black metal band, with some very cool music and  symbolic massages brought by this album.

Wolfs Hunger

Rating Album:9,5/10


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